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December 8, 2002
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The Trip of a Lifetime Airs on Rogers Sportsnet
We are pleased to announce that The Trip of a Lifetime documentary film aired on Rogers Sportsnet in Canada.Our thanks go out to all that have helped with this process, and all the fans we spoke with on our journey.

30 Cities, 60 Days, The Trip of a Lifetime
The Trip of a Lifetime is the story of three hockey fans from California, and their quest to see a game at all 30 NHL cities in 60 days. This journey, which was well over 14,000 miles by car, was a World Record attempt and is being recognized by Guinness World Records as "The Fastest to See an NHL Game in Every NHL Stadium."

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, the family of Jeff Curtis has had season tickets to the Los Angeles Kings since the early 1970's. They had the fortunate opportunity of sitting next to the family of Kings legend Marcel Dionne during his tenure in Los Angeles, and Jeff has been a huge fan of the game ever since.

Deciding to combine his video production skills with his passion for the game of hockey, Jeff began production on the Trip of a Lifetime by recruiting high school buddy Matt Peteresen, a San Jose Sharks fan from the bay area, to write an on going blog for the trip's web site. Joe Jerman, a Rangers fan from New Jersey, would serve as cameraman and technical ace for the trip, while Andrei Bulawka, a long time Capitals fan would remain in Los Angeles to maintain the web site.

This incredible journey began in San Jose on Opening Night, October 10th, 2002. From there, Jeff, Matt, and Joe headed up north, through Vancouver and into the storied roots of the National Hockey League. They would pass through cities like Edmonton, Toronto, and Montreal; cities they had admired for years, and where hockey was more than just a game, it was a way of life. This journey would also allow the boys to venture deep into the south, to cities like Nashville, Atlanta, and Dallas, where the game of hockey has just recently tried to establish itself.

The goal was to do an "inventory" of the NHL. They wanted to find out: who really has the loudest fans in the league? How does going to a game in Los Angeles differ from other cities? Could three hockey fans from California really make it all across the continent and back in 60 days? All was explored in great detail, giving viewers a revealing look at current state of the game of hockey.

30 Cities, 60 Days, The Trip of a Lifetime.

Want to see more? The Trip of a Lifetime DVD is perfect for any serious hockey fan that can't get enough of the greatest game on earth.

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